Individual and Group Behaviour

(A brief description of the course)

M.J. Arul
Institute of Rural Management, Anand

This 30-session course on Individual and Group Behaviour (IGB) aims at helping its participants recognise the importance of, and difficulty in, understanding another person's point of view. In the process of doing so, the need for identifying one's own feelings, perceptions and assumptions that intervene in one's interaction with others will be made evident and attended to.

The course deals with certain ways of thinking that will facilitate one's understanding of individuals, dyads and small groups. The ultimate aim is to enable participants to become better managers of people, without losing their respect for human dignity.

Depending on the degree of one's personal involvement in the course, the sessions will foster the requisite skills, by extending the acquired knowledge to real-life situations.

1Introduction and overview
2-5Perceptions, assumptions and attitudes
6-8Self concept and its significance
9-12Ways of thinking/ Frameworks
13Recapitulation of individual behaviour
14-19Interpersonal behaviour
20-22Group dynamics and leadership
23-26Management of people
27-29Developing managers
30Review and conclusion

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